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Thursday, October 15, 2009



Stunning is all I can say! Can't wait to see it all at my LSS. Thanks for all the shared inspiration.


This release just keeps getting better - I'm glad I only need to wait one more day to see it all!

Tracey A.

Oh my!! I just LOVE the new Shimmer Couture papers! The Damask design is FABULOUS!!! absolutely gotta have some!!!


Can't wait for tomorrow! So excited about this release!

Debbie Rudy

The new shimmer couture papers are awesome!!
Thank you for showing them and for all the great ideas! I can't wait to see them in person.



i cannot wait to get my hands on this shimmer paper! and that chrysanthemum is SO pretty!

k prakken

I love the open and solid Chrysanthemum images and the blackberry color is beautiful.

sue wisniewski

Shimmer papers, I'm sure look better in person. I like the Open and Solid Chrysanthemum images on the cards. Wonderful cards thanks for sharing.
stamping sue


The deep rich purple is so pretty! Love the new flowers!

Molly K.

LOVE the Espresso and Blackberry color combination here! Gorgeous!


This is such an elegant release! I can't wait to see all of it!


WOW -- a chance to win some goodies.

Victoria N.

Love it all! Thanks for the chance to win!


I think that this is by far one of your best releases. Classic elegance. I shall be purchasing it all :)

robyn m

Can't wait to get the paper! Love the stamps, too.

Lea Calcagno

The colors are absolutely gorgeous! Love the classic look of the stamps too! Can't wait to see it all.

Susie P

these cards are all so elegant! I am so impressed with this release! Great ideas!


Up until now I've never been a huge fan of shimmery things, glitter is messy and shimmer can so easily look tacky. Not these new shimmer couture papers! I can't wait to try them, and the new stamp images are extremely elegent, they would be such a nice addition to my collection

Amy J.

I love it all and thanks for the chance to win. I really like the colors. They look so dignified and sophisticated.


I Love the shimmer paper! These cards are great & I see soo many uses for these stamps!

Joan K

I just LOVE the shimmer paper and the blackberry shimmer and espresso are just beautiful I just want to eat them up!! The colors are just so rich and elegant. I can't wait to buy them and see them in person! Keep up the great job I love your products, blog and website!


What yummy colors! The new release looks wonderful!


My favorite part of the sneak peeks so far has been the stamps, by far. The shimmery paper is pretty, but those new alphabets have the designer in me swooning.


Looking forward to using of all these beautiful new papers and stamps!


Love the patterned purple paper and Chrysanthemum stamps!


I love the colors! Very stunning cards.

Lori Frost

I love all the new colors!


I love the deep purple colors but most of all I am really liking those Chrysanthemum stamps.

jen shears

Holy cow! Those sneaks are AWESOME!! How exciting to have a chance to WIN them! Thanks for that & all the inspiration!!!! :)

Erika M

Of course my favorite thing of the new release would be the stamps - I'm a huge fan. I'm really loving the shimmer couture papers as well.

S. Padrick

It's so fun to check out what's new each day!! Just love the new Chrysanthemum stamp.....

Cami Haveman

Love it all! Pick me!


Thanks, Cheiron, for advising us to head over to this blog. Her flower on her card was so pretty, I can't wait to see the other sets!

little one

I'm in such trouble with this release. I love the new shimmer papers. Can't wait!


I have a new favorite color, I think. The blackberry is just stunning!!! Bring on the matching ribbon ;-)

gina f

Yep! It's awesome! TFS....Gina F

Dawn DeBois

Adorable! LOVE the damask paper.


oooooo and aaaahhhhhh are about all I can say...beautimous stuffs gals!


I can't wait until the release! I'm also scared to see how much my bill will be after I'm done shopping! ;)... BUT it will all be worth it, since I'll be making some fantastic, elegant, and beautiful cards with this release!


The new shimmer paper and damask paper is simply delicious! And all the colors that it is available in makes my head spin! The pearl accents look like so much fun! Can't wait till tomorrow!

Whitney H.

I love the new alphabets!


The new colors are so beautiful.
I am sooo excited.

Beth M

Wow, what a great opportunity. I love the peaks of the new sets. Can't wait for the big reveal!


Oh My! Love that blackberry! So elegant. :)

Jimmi Mayo

Wow, all of these new stamps are so beautiful!
I have never had any amuse stamps but definitely think I will be taking a trip to *amuse*ville SOON!
Thanks for sharing these gorgeous creations!


LOVE those Chrysanthemums and that scrumptious new blackberry color!!


The sincere thanks card is beautiful! thanks for the fun

Samantha Taylor

Delicious colors! Great stamps too. What an awesome release.

Meredith K.

Blackberry and Espresso shimmery papers? Yum-MAY! Thanks for the chance to win!


What a terrific sympathy card. Love the flower stamp and the awesome color-blackberry! Wow!!


LOVE the open and solid Chrysanthemum....WOW!!!

Drea B.

Love the new colours - I can't wait to see the full release tomorrow! The espresso and blackberry together are amazing...


The blackberry color is just so elegant~

Jennifer Moore

The blackberry shimmer paper is so pretty. Thanks for the chance to win.

Nat C.

Very cool colors and stamps! Can't wait until Friday!


Love the blackberry shimmer with the green -- it just POPS so nicely! Pretty stamps too! *excited*

Dana Klinkner

Ooooo, love the blackberry color - so elegant! Thanks for all the great inspiration. :)


The new A Muse releases are always fantastic but this has taken it up a notch! Love the new Shimmer Couture papers - can't wait to get them all!

Christine Loy

I love the new papers and stamps. Drool! Can't wait to own some... most... or all of them!


love the new paper can't wait to see it in real life.

Jenna A

I can't wait to get my hands on some of this paper! I love love love the blackberry and the combos used with the lime as well. I can't wait to see the new stamp sets either! They look great so far.


Blackberry would be perfect for my wedding album! Super lovely offerings...looking forward to seeing it all.


Love, love the paper!

Debby W.

The colours are gorgeous! And the stamps ... AWESOME!!! What a great release this will be.

Alanna (al_silver2)

wow...loving those flowers! The colours of shimmer paper are amazing too...well done with the sample cards!!

Nancy in OR

WOW....the Blackberry Shimmer Couture paired with the new Chrysanthemum...simply stunning! I am super excited about this release!

Beth Rang

I've really fallen for the new brocade paper. Bravo to you!


I love, love, love all the wonderful opportunities the open and solid stamps offer - they complement each other in such a beautiful and simple way. The new Chrysanthemum stamps are sure to be on my wish list. And the paper is spectacular!

Katie in UT

Absolutely fabulous, that's all I can say! I can't wait to see the entire release!

Carol N

Blackberry, Expresso and Pink ...wonderful colors and the Blackberry looks so rich and deep. Can't wait until tomorrow. Also calling Michelle at the Paper Tree to see if she will have this paper SOON.


This stamp and this paper is to DIE for! Just love it!


Ack!! Loving all these shimmery papers..really beautiful!! I hope my LSS have them already when I visit this weekend..definitely *a must* haves!! Thanks for the chance to win :o).

Joan B

Blackberry, Julie designed stamps? i'm in heaven!


Great papers and stamps!

Jo Ann

I love that deep, dark purple!


I can't wait to use these new stamps! Thanks especially for the new sympathy stamp -- really can use that one. Everything in this release is beautiful and useful.

Melissa Cash

Wow! Everything you have shown is beautiful! I would jump for joy (literally) if I was to win!

Michelle H in IL

Wow! I love the colors, the damask print and the alphabet! I can't wait to see everything in this release - looks like it's a great one!

Nancy W

I visit your blog on a daily basis especially to check out for any new stamps which I immediately covet.

I love the looks of the new C/S. Can't wait.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Tiffany Heilman

I just love those images. So lovely!

Sarah Kegley

You've perfected Clean and Simple while incorporating so much gorgeous color and pattern. LOVE. IT!


I thought I liked the blues from yesterday the best, but those blackberry ones are great!

Linda M

Ooohhhh, it's all lovely!!

Jo R.

These are such classy, versatile stamps. Just lovely!


Yes A Muse has surpassed itself this time, love love the wicked blackberry paper. The cards are wonderful. I can't wait to see them in my local LSS - think I might have to camp outside to be first in line :)


Can't wait for the release. These stamps are just what I've been looking for.

Nance in Reno

I never would have thought to stamp the solid stamp and the outline stamp separately. I like that shadow effect!

Stephanie Jones

Gorgeous! All of it! So excited...will have to visit Paper Tales in San Diego!

Stephanie J.

Nancy W

OMG...the new shimmer papers look gorgeous. I know I will love the new stamp designs too.

Stephanie M.O. C.

Gorgeous cards and colors! so glad and fortunate to live so close to the Amuse retail store in Seattle!!!

Cheryl B.

Love the Blackberry, love the Espresso. Can't wait to see the "shimmer" in person.

Mary Jane Ciurla

Makes my day to get your email that tweeks my imagination and inspiration. Thanks!
Mary Jane


Wow! Can't wait to see the entire line!

Kathyc on SCS

Wow, these samples are ALL so beautiful! I love the rich new colors and can't wait to see shimmer in person; Loving the new sets too!
Kathy Camasso


I love the new stamps and papers. The design mojo is definitely working. Thanks for the peeks.

Janet M

Wow, What great new designs! So simple, yet elegant and I love the shades of Purple. Thanks for the fun :D

Ann D

Blackberry and Mums -- Striking!

Debbie Seyer

Love those images and the colors, too!


Would love the stamp set(s)!! Shimmer Couture would be fine too! ;-)


I LOVE the open and solid Chrysanthemum stamp set, as well as the others you have here.


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