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Monday, March 22, 2010


Chris Hauck

Favorite stamp? Are you serious? Well it seems impossible to choose...but I love the treasure chest with the I treasure your friendship sentiment.

Amy Ybarra

Spiral daisy is my favorite because it's my go to stamp.

andrea m

I don't own any yet but I lust after the 3 cups stamp-mmmmm..

Sharon L-S

I wheely like the cyclist and the word stamp combo. The Toadstools are a close second. Thanks for sharing.


My fave has to be the bicycle since that is my 2nd favorite past time, (after stamping of course)! Love the cards Lisa, just beautiful!


Such beautiful and whimsical cards by Lisa, love her work!!


Great idea for the swap! I like the flower stamp best, so good for a wide variety of uses!

Maude Beakley

What great cards! I like your swap idea. That cyclist stamp is really a cutie.

Angi Rankin

I really love the cyclist with all the cute hearts coming out of her basket. Too too cute!! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies.

Jackie W.

I own and love the Happy Bird Day stamp! Since I love bird images, I use it a lot! Thanks for the chance to win!

donna mikasa

Lisa + A Muse = FUN! What a great combo! The bicycle card is SO Lisa! Love it....love them all!


I just love Lisa!!! Your cards are amazing! Love the mushroom one the best. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas Lisa, YOU ROCK!!!


I love all the hearts coming out of the basket...very cute! I think my favorite stamp is the cow, followed closely by the pirate bird....

emily cossins

I like the mushrooms from today, but my favorite amuse stamp is the baking clear stamp set.


I have so many favorite AMuse stamps, but I guess Seattle Girl would be at the top of the list.

Amrita S.

What a FUN idea to swap designers. My two favorite companies working together... how refreshing!

I love *all* A Muse stamps. Please don't make me pick just one!!

Linda E

What beautiful cards!!! Those zinnia stamps are definitely my favorites!

Teresa E. :)

It changes weekly, but my current A Muse favorite is "Little Chick." Springy cuteness!

Janet Ribet

Love the bicycle stamp! What a fun idea to do a swop.


The bicycle card is my inspiration for the day! My favorite has got to be "Chair and Lamp". Thanks for the fun this week.

Kathy E.

Great Cards! My favorite stamp might be the solid long oval that you can use as a pond.. a rug..a patch of ice..what ever!!!
Happy cardmaking week!!

Therese Hensley

Lots to pick from - I really like the Honeymooners stamp, long grass, and the Zinnia stamp.

Kristin Yong

Omigosh, all the cards are gorgeous. Love the zinnia flower stamp. The floral card is up my alley - the colors and love that strip of damask - perfect!


I love all of them! But zinnia is the one I like the most!

Steph in WA

lisa's cards are adorable! a favorite stamp? one? love frog prince!


Love the cards. I love all stamps, but the Amuse stamps are one of a kind. Love them all.

Anne Barclay

Loved the flower background card and the addition of the brocade was just the perfect touch! This is true inspiration.


the zinnia is one of my favorite flowers...all those perfect little petals in rich vibrant colors! but I love all the cards today - sooooo much fun to see all that creative genius in one spot! :)

Louise Charlton

Love all of Lisa's cards! Love what you did on the Hero Blog too Heather. My favorite Muse stamp is (are...:)) the bicycle stamp that Lisa used and the little Rabbit car! How cute is that!

Thanks for a chance to win!

Louise C/.

Alice W.

Lisa ROCKs!! I just adore how she always adds a little unique personal touch to her cards! my favorite A Muse stamp is Rocket!

Kelly Adams

Hero Arts and Amuse...two of my favorite stamp companies! Can't wait to see what more you guys come up with!

Kathy Racoosin

I left a comment but forgot to tell you my favorite..sorry. I love the cyclist...totally adorable :)

Lori Frost

I love A Muse stamps and I could never pick one, but I do love the hippo.


I have to say I'm liking the Zinnia stamps...also looked at some of the Around Town designs...some lucky horseshoes in the On the Farm! Yee Haw! Great fun this week gals! Great work Lisa!

Amber Mansur

I love the cards Lisa came up with! Fun idea to switch designers for inspiration! My favorite A Muse stamps are the essential ovals set-- so very versatile! AmberZ.


GREAT cards!!! How can I pick one favorite? I guess I would have to pick the cyclist, she's tooo cute! Thanks for the chance to win!


Wonderful cards by Lisa! I have to say that I love the bicycle stamp that she used. It seems so versatile. You can pair it with an endless amount of sentiments.

Jennifer Moore

I really like the lighthouse stamp. Loved the mushroom card, especially since the photo of it was taken with some wildflowers.


I don't have a favorite yet, I just found you. Give me time...

Susan McRae

So hard to choose! I like the nature stamps like the dandelion and a few of the trees.

Ashleigh Bronner

Oh Lisa's cards are simply adorable! I *heart* the "I Wheely Love You" card. Eye candy, indeed!

My favorite stamp (which I found after perusing the store for the first time) is the "Everyone has a price, mine is chocolate." stamp.

Kelly in Cincy

The mushrooms are too cute. I love the little gems coming out of the bicycle. Nice touch! I am partial to that cute little cow stamp!!

Donna McEwen

Believe it or not, my favorite Amuse stamp is a teeney tiny one that says "eeek!" I use it EVERY halloween. I LOVE that stamp!

Leslie R

Lots of talent going on here!! Love the bicycle stamp...oh enabling...

Richelle M.

I have LOTS of favorites but I think my MOST favorite Amuse stamp would be the MUSHROOM!! That stamps goes with almost anything!! Thank you! =)

Allison T.

I love the florals...so beautiful! All the cards were simply stunning! Thanks for the giveaway!

Kathy K.

The little arched black kitty - my favorite A Muse stamp!!!


The flower-card is beautiful! And I love the sentiment-stamps (LIFE is GOOD) and used the flourish-tree a lot!

Pam Spradlin

The cards are adorable especially the bicycle one. I think I would like that stamp...it is too cute.


Lisa...I love your designs. I would have to say the bicycle girl is my favorite stamp as you can almost see the action going on....


oh boy what a fun week ahead! I luv that bicycle stamp too...well..all your work here really...ty for a chance, appreciate that for sure...good luck to all

Jenn Biederman

Such cute cards! I love Lisa's work! I do not own a single A Muse stamps, but would love to have the Cyclist stamp. Love what Lisa did with it!

Erika M

MB Little Bird is definitely one of my favs!

Linda aka Oz

My favs I own are Flourish Frame and Spooky Tree... have done my best to wear them out!
Looking forward to this entire week swapping with Hero Arts. Should be so much fun! the Oz


I love Lisa's cards! I'm feeling inspired by the cyclist design.

How could I ever pick just ONE favorite A Muse stamp? Ahhhh...right now I will go with "Dino Love".

Ayana Posadas

The bicycle stamp is one of my favorites! But they are all very cute! My local stamp store sells a TON of Amuse stamps! It's hard to pick just one! lol

Barbara King

I especially liked Lisa card with the girl riding a bike. That does remind me of her.

Heather Wertzberger

Pick just one????!!!! Okay, I'll have to go with Boris, you just can't beat him for Halloween fun and we LOVE Halloween around here (and I know Heather from Amuse does too!)
Can't wait to see what the week brings, so much fun.....
Heather W in NJ


seriously. one? how about a category? all of the a-muse critters are just too cute!

Julie in Edmonds

Of the stamps I own I'd have to say Spooky Tree is my fave. But in the store I've got my eye on Cityscape and the Space Needle and Wild Blossom and...


So many cute stamps and then pick ONE? impossible...
I love the projects Lisa made. That bicycle one is just adorable!

Nat Murdock

Wonderful creations made by Lisa,love these so much! I adore the carrot car stamp, super cute for Easter!!
Smiles, Nat :)

Denise Bryant

Great ideas Lisa! Fun cards!
My favorites are flowers. Love the zinnia.


I love the card with the bicycle and the little gems coming out of the basket! Too cute! I love riding my bike too so this is right up my alley!

Judy Jung

What fun to swap designers!! I am loving that bicycle stamp!! Thanks for sharing your talent, ladies!!

Bridget N

Looks like it's going to be a fun week here and at Hero Arts! I really liked the florals card with the zinnia stamp - there are so many ways to use that stamp, so many ideas!


How difficult election... one of my favorites are the bicycle! This week will be so fun definitely!!! =)

Anne B.

Lisa creations are just fabulous!! I really love the Peace and Cheer clear set!

Donna Przybylowski

Great Job Lisa, my fav over here so far, is the Flower Stand, just reminds me of a little country stand!! So cute.
Thanks for the chance to win.
Irishmist over at Heros

Ann I.

Love the sharing between the two companies!! Lisa is so talented! Fabulous cards!

Irene Chan

Wow... Beautiful cards! Great inspiration!


So many faves...I love the rock star and so many others.


I'm torn between baking and stitched garden. But I'm leaning more toward the springy-er stitched garden set. LOL

Great projects!

Becky K.

I had to look in the Under the Sea category, and I'm just loving the little jellyfish and seahorse!


Today my favorite is your SPRING word stamp with the bird and flowers and grass. Next week it may be something different!

Stephanie Jones

pick one? that's like picking your favorite kid. elephant - my first.

Tricia Dee

Isn't Lisa incredible! I love the zinnia stamp!


I'd say my favorite is the Monogram Frames set -- closely followed by the Sushi clear stamp set. Love that Kimono! Thanks for the chance to win some stamps!

Kathyc on SCS

What fun cards! Thanks to Julie, my favorite stamp is Cityscape; thanks for the chance to win!
Kathy Camasso

Dana H

I just love the around town stamps...so adorable!


These cards are super cute, love them!! My favorite stamp is the bicycle.

Tara C.

All the stamps are absolutely great but if I had to pick a favorite it would have to be the flower and vine!!! It is great!!!

Amanda H

I LOVE all the flower stamps in the first card. The inks are beautiful too. What a beautiful card for inspiration!

Jenny McGee

Great stamps and great cards. Thanks for sharing.

Tiffany Heilman

Super cute stamping projects! Love Lisa's style and her blog is so fun and inspiring.


I love the bike stamp!



Laura Stewart

I love the bike stamp!

PF Goh

I like the cute parcel and I like Carrot Car from the spring collection!


I wheely wheely love the bike stamp.. it looks like watching Lisa riding her bike.. ;)

Darlene DeVries

I really love the bicycle stamp, but I would have to say that the stitched alphabet is my favorite. I love to draw faux-stitching on my work!!


Lovin everything Lisa did with the A Muse Stamps...especially the bicycle..way to go girls!!!

Alanna (al_silver2)

Lisa...your creations are amazing!! I adore your mushroom book...those mushrooms are my fave stamp!!


I like the bike one alot and the wheelbarrow in the garden series is cute too. It's spring so all the blossoms and flowers make me happy :))

jen shears

These are so fun! And all of A muse stamps are great- I love the life is good sent- and the Seattle Girl makes me smile!!

Toni Storie

I love what Lisa did with that cutie-patootie bicyclist! I think my favorite A Muse stamp is the To Go Cup! So fun!

J. J.

I like the bikes and buses and cars, they are all great!

Susie P

I am so in love with the new Sea of Love release! The sea horse and jelly fish are the cutest ever!!!


The Moose! Living in Australia they intrigue me, they also remind me of Canada, my hubby's home country. And then there are all the play on word sentiments like "Merry Chris-moose"!


The bike card is too cute!!

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