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Saturday, May 01, 2010


Nancy Ball

OMG that mug tells my life story....stamp all night....sleep all day!

This would be my proof to my husband that other people DO live like me....not just me!

I hope I win.....first comment should, hint, hint!

Lori Barnett

Julie...you are so CUTE!! Crackage....HA! Git-r-done!!! Loved all the bits of info. you shared. I look forward to the next video :)

Steph in WA

LOVE this new segment!!! Julie, you are way too cute and fun. Looking forward to more chats!

Joanne Hemingway

How FUN! This info is way too cool! Thanks Julie!


you are the cutest whidbey girl!!!

Kelly Massman

Those mugs are darling!


These mugs are a "hoot"! (Sorry - couldn't resist)


love that mug & it's pink!!!! How fun is that?!!!


I love the mug - wish I had one!!!!

Janet B

Wow--how cute! I'd love to be sipping my caramel tea out of that cup.

Shawn O'Connell

LOVE the mug....it's pinkness and the fabulous saying...not to mention the adorable owls.

However, the best thing was the video! Julie, you are a riot!! I giggled several times while watching.....which is a good thing. I can't wait to see the next installment of Cuppa Time with Julie!! Thanx for the chance to get to "know you". ;o) .....and for the chance to win the cutie mug!!!

Debby W.

Oh my gosh, that is the cutest mug EVAH!!!!! If I dont win one, I will definitely need to buy one. A Muse is so bad for my pocket book!!!!


OMGOSH! This mug is calling my name. Here I am...I will keep you full and you will be by my side when I'm have fun in my room. You will never be lonely. Great video Julie!


I Love this idea...especially cause I don't have classes near me!!!! The mug is so cute!!!

Angela H.

Julie, your video is so much fun! It gave me a chuckle this morning. And I think "crackage" should definitely be added to the dictionary. Oh, cute-cute mug, too!


don't enter me in the contest. . . just wanted to say how much I adore you, Julie. <3 LOVE <3 you, girl!


Loved the video this morning, you are soooo much fun, Julie! This mug is a must have, how stinkin' cute it that??? Gotta have it!

Bev Rousch

Adorable mug!! :) Julie is the cutest!

DeNel Brister

OMG, that is such a cute mug! My stamper girls will love this mug:) Love A Muse!!


I am so buying one of these when I come to Seattle in August. Way cute!

More virtual face time with Julie is always a good thing. Can't wait to see what she has in store for us each month.


Loved Cuppa-Time with Julie. She's too cute. And the mug is beyond adorable... a must have!


Love this idea..Julie seems like such a fun person. Would love to drink my morning coffee from this cute mug!

Sharon D. from Canada

What a fun and funny video! To get straight cuts, don't drink appletinis - LOL!!! That really "crackaged" me up! Looking forward to the next video!
Super cute mug - perfect in pink!


Love the video!! You did a great job! I have to say when you first said "crackage" the first thing that came to mind was a plumber showing his backside while he worked! LOL!! I want to know if in your next video you tell us your skin care routine cause you have great skin! You look so young...Have a great weekend...Hugs...Cookie...P.S. Love that coffee mug!

Laura Bassen

adorable mug!! Really enjoyed Julie's Q&A video. Can't wait for the next one!


LOVE the video! Thanks for doing that, Julie! And I LOVE that mug... Must have one!!!

Jen S.

Wicked cute video! I follow Julie's blog, but it was great to have a voice to put with the words. Plus, that mug??? ADORABLE! :o)


This is by far one of the most entertaining stamping videos I've ever seen. Just as I would expect coming from Julie. Keep 'em coming, keep me laughing, and keep me inspired. Thanks for offering a prize mug, too. I must have one!!


That mug is tooo CAUTE! I wish life could be as simple as that...ROFL!!!! I love the color pink so I think it would be perfect for me...hehehe. Thanks for the chance to win!

Raquel H

The mug is so cute! I love the owl stamp!:)

Beth Rang

So much fun to have a video from Julie!

My husband teases me about being a vampire with the staying up all night thing. It's cute to see it on a mug!

Kathyc on SCS

Hi Julie! I am so glad you are doing this; I appreciate all these fantastic tips and your laugh is just so infectious. What a way to start my Saturday morning. Having my coffee in that darling pink mug would really top it off!
Kathy Camasso

karen q

Loved, loved your video Julie. Hope you realize that there are thousands of women out there who have just proved to their husbands that stamping can be a messy sport!

Michelle Barnett

Great idea, and super cute mug!! Thanks for sharing!


Oh my goodness I LOVED your video! I'm a so glad you did it because you are so adorable!!! You are the sweetest Julie! And that cup is to die for! I am so buying one!!

Stephanie Jones

too stinkin cute!!


AMG i looooove that mug!!! <3 lol you crack me up...it's so entertaining to listen to your tips and tricks...keep em comin!


Enjoyed the video--very fun--and love your laugh! (Hmm...was that a cleverly disguised appletini in your mug? ha ha!) Thanks for the info abt the Tonic paper cutter--I like the size of it. I'm also really, really glad to know that I'm not the only one who just uses a small space in her craft room to actually craft in due to all the, ahem, creative chaos stacked around. (But I do know where everything is!)

patty Bombyk

Julie this is wonderful and I want a cup like that!!!!

Rose Ann

You are adorable, Julie...and I just love your little giggle! I've never had the pleasure of meeting you IRL, so this is surely the next best thing. Thanks for all of the tips!! (Gotta get the mug!)


I could listen to you talk for hours - LOL Love the mug too!!!

Amy L

I would love a mug like that... and perhaps a few more for gifts... Thanks for the chance to win...

PS- I love Cuppa Time with Julie. I think I'll learn a lot from it, in only a short amount of time... thanks again A muse!


Woohoo! Go Julie!!! :-)


Can't see the video (not compatible with my computer.... ) but I absolutely love the mug! I'd be thrilled to win one! Will keep trying to see the video. Sounds like I am missing some terrific entertainment!


YOU ARE HRR - I think it comes naturally! Thanks for sharing yourself with us and being real! I live for JULIE-ISMS!

Lisa Wakabayashi

Great idea! Luv the mug!It just keeps getting better!


Now that mug is just darling! What a great idea....gotta have it!

Celina Amezcua

Love that cup! Coffee would taste so good in it.

Sandy Ellis-Brye

The mug is an absolute "must have" for my next weekend crop! Heck, a "must have" for every day of my life, actually! Nothing goes together better than java, A muse stamps, and a long creative night (or day)!


i'm always SO jealous when i read about stampers that are taking classes with Julie or one of the other DT members. i know, it's not a good quality, but it's true!

so, how exciting that i'll get a little one-on-one myself! ok, so i know Julie isn't talking just to me, but a girl can dream, can't she?


Julie! You are adorable, I was giggling right along with you!
My question is broad, but what is your favorite embellishment? And while "Thinking Simple" do you ever take embellishments off? And I know this will be a hard one to answer but, What is your favorite A Muse stamp (today)? :0) Thank you!


That was loads of fun!

Karen M

I've gotta say that was an adorable video! I'm looking forward to more of this sort of thing. And the new mugs are so super cool! Even if I dont' win, I'm gonna have to get one. Thanks, Julie, for making my morning so enjoyable.


I personally think everything tastes better in pink!


OMGosh.... and in PINK! This is a must have!

caren weinstein

Dear HRR - add me to you long list of fans!!! I was happy to see you live and sharing great tips. Especially the scoring tip - I had been frustrated with the "crackage" :) and now I know how to fix it. Much appreciated. Stampin happy! Cheers, Caren


Julie is AMAZING as always. I look forward to see what she has up her sleeve next...


Great new feature, thanks Julie! Oh, and, that is the cutest mug ever!!!


Julie, you are as bubbly and fun as your big smile! :) Thanks for the entertaining video!

Guess what I do when I have insomnia? Stamp all night! The mug is so cute!

jen shears

You guys are SO MUCH FUN!!!! ;)

Andrea B

Love the new video! So cute....can't wait to get one of those adorable mugs for my very own tiny stamping space!!


Julie is ADORABLE, love that cute giggle. How fun to get to hear from her. Gotta have one of those mugs, I am a mug junkie! Thanks for sharing.

Ann I.

Love the mug! SO cute!! And so are you, Julie!! Can't wait to see more videos! Anything A Muse related would be great!!


Everything would taste so much better in that adorable mug!


Julie's video is adorable! And informative! I'm going to have to pick up some appletini supplies now. :) Love the mug, too.


Great video Julie! I really enjoyed watchin it. I love pink and I love A muse!!! That mug is so cute! I love it!!!

Rachel a.k.a. Gingerbread Gal

Julie is crazy funny! Love her! I can't wait for more videos. She is so fun! OMG is that pink cup adorable or what? Gotta get me one of those.

Jessica Davis

That mug is TOOO cute :) I love it!

Kelly Braund

Love the owls!

Karen T

This is the cutest video. I love the laugh and look forward to watching more of these. The cup is adorable and I want one!

Ashley Nguyen Newell

I HEART Julie! Anything she'd want to talk about is fabby to me!

Emily Fulfs

great video!! I am really looking forward to more of them! Super cute mug too!

Susie P

I love this mug, oh so very cute!!

Wendy in MD

Adorable mug!!! Can't wait to watch the video. :)


Piiiiiiiink!!! And it has the owls on it!!!


I love the mug! and it's PINK!!!!

Karen Gauthier

What an awesome idea! The mug is sweet and I love the color....

Kelly Jo

Such a fun video.


adorable mug!

Jackie E

Love this new idea--and the mug! Adorable!!


Oh my gosh.. Julie why didn't you HAVE videos before?! These 9 mins. were so much fun! I was giggling like a fool! :) How Awesome are you! Can't wait till the next video. Now to look for that paper cutter.


Julie, loved the video, can't wait to see more. I would just love that cute owl mug - just adorable!


Great video. Love the mug SO cute!


I would love a mug like that! Great idea for a mug design!

Tobey Shepherd

OK, julie is soooo stinkin' cute, and so is that mug!!!!

Traveling Mama

Oh my GOOOSH!! I am laughing SO hard! I love your video!! The new mug is SO cute and your dog is hysterical! And I totally think crackage should do into the dictionary... or maybe you should enter into Wikepedia! Yes! Julie, you ROCK!!

Emily M

This mug is super cute! And what a great color! Love it!


Love Julie, Love the mug and looking forward to more cuppa times.

Christina Slaton

Love the video, love the cup, love Julie.

Kelly Schirmer

Best.stamping.andnotstamping.video.ever! Now I see why you have those cute smilies in all of your posts, hee! I think Julie needs her own stamping weekly stamping show somewhere! Baby, you're a STAR! PS...that mug is almost as cute as Julie :)! Okay, it's really really cute!


Julie rocks!

The mug is too cute.

Erin H

Those mugs are adorable and I love that they are PINK! My absolute favorite color!


Luv the mug and video. Too cute!


Darling mug and the sentiment is so what I want my life to be when I grow up. Ok Julie, does Bear serve as a creative consultant?? And do you view stamping as a personal "therapy"??? There was an instance in my life when my husband pointed me in the direction of my stamping corner, whispered "You need to stamp..." as he gently nudged me towards my desk. That cinched it for me - this was my formal therapy!!

Jane Mykleby

cute mug..perfect for Julie. Only thing better would be an appletini glass. LOL

Karen (Sterling Scrapper)

Nothing like a little rubberness in the morning! Great job Julie, you were made for You Tube. I did a class with her when she was here in MA and she's adorable! The mug is divine...I LOVE PINK!

Joanie Mowers

I loved this and found it very A Musing and informative!
I'm looking forward to the next one!

Tracey A in NH

OMG...how cute is that mug!?! Can't wait to get my hands on the wonderful new stamps!!

laura rodick

how cute is that mug ... i just love pink :D


The mug is soooo adorable!!! Must get one as soon as they're available. :)

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