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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Debby Watkins

Am I really the first comment? I dont think that's ever happened before! I LOVE these cards and I love the Twilight series. These cards are so fun!!!!


Your cards are very creative! I love the twilight theme!:)

Karen M

All I can say is "WOW!" Those are super cards. The techniques are awesome, especially the way you textured with the Copics. And the sentiments tell me you have a great sense of humor.

lisa wakabayashi

Really awesome job!


Love the sparkles & sunshine card; very clever use of airbrushing!

Julie in Edmonds

Those are great! What a fun set of cards.


cute cards

Janet D

Great cards!

Marcia Butler

Absolutely dynamite!


WOW!! Fantastic cards.:) LOVE Twilight and love a muse so I will definitely be CASing!!

Erika M

Love your cards!

Tracy Hargrove

What a cool idea...love the style of these cards. And doesn't it just rock when Edward "shimmers". I think that is my fav! Great job Lisa!

Judith Gowdy

What a fun set of cards. My daughter would love them! Judith :)

Susie P

these are so super cute! thanks for sharing!

Su C.

Great cards! So creative and love the details -well done!


Very nice ! The texturing was awesome!


I *heart* the forks card (and the Twilight books)!

Jessica Davis

LOL! They are so perfect and had me giggling, you did an awesome job of making great books into cards...I'm so impressed! :) The "forks" one is my fave!

Alanna (al_silver2)

Awesome cards...love the sparkly & sunshiney Edward card the best - soooo clever!!


Thanks for explaining the cards - I don't know anything about Twilight, so now they make sense.

They're really great cards! Love all the fancy coloring to look like different textures.

Stephanie Jones

incredible! thank you for sharing your fabulous designs.

jean Heming

I love your Bella & Edward cards!!! I just bought the stamps over the week-end & cant wait to get started,Your Forks card was so cool!!!

Mary Ashby

Fun! I haven't gotten into the series, but I appreciate her cleverness!

jen shears

While I haven't yet read the books or watched the movie (I KNOW- the horror!!!) I do know enough about the series to LOVE how clever these cards are!!! SO FUN!!!

Steph in WA

great tribute to Twilight! the cards are great.

Leana Khouang

I love these! They are awesome :D!!!


What fun cards!!!


Some fun cards and great copic coloring, thanks.


fabulous coloring-love the airbrushed sunlight!! TFS

Pam Spradlin

Love her take on the movie with the cards. The fork card is absolutely adorable.

Jo Ann

I love the clever movie cards, especially the sparkles!


I've been to Forks and I thought that card was hilarious! Great stuff!


I love these Twilight cards. Can't wait to see more.

Danielle Barton

Awesome! I love them all!! :-)


Great cards! I have to admit...I don't know much about Twilight either, but enough to understand the cards though. These are perfect for any Twilight fan!


I've been stuck trying to create with my Twilight stamps. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kari Bell

LOVE the edward sparkling in the sun!!

Carol B

Awesome cards, so fun!

Carol B

Tobey S.

OH I soooo love your Twilight inspired cards, I am also enamored by the TS.....

I loved reading about your style!!!

Thanks for the inspiration...of course, now I feel obliged to get the bella and edward stamps.... *sigh*


Anthing Twilight is for me!

Go Team Edward


These cards are too clever! I especially love the "I Forks"! Really a great graphic card and very creative!


I love the Twilight Saga, so to me these cards are absolutely fabulous.
I totally love the I love Forks card, it is so clever.

Beth Rang

These are so much fun! I particularly liked the sparkles one with Edward, and the phasing one with Jacob!


i love the forks!

Gabriella Schmidt

What fantastic cards to make for all of the Twi-hards out their. Love it!


I like the forks card for it's cleverness and it's simplicity!


These cards are such a great tribute to Twilight!! So clever of Lisa!! I loved reading the Twilight series but have to admit that I have yet to see any of the movies..


Nothing like a few vamps and weres to spice up your stamping projects ;)

Denise Bryant

Very clever! Those look like they were a lot of fun to make!


These are hilarious Lisa! Can't wait til June 30th for the new movie!

Carolyn Huston

Great ideas - wish I was into Twilight. Afraid my friends wouldn't get it:( Thanks for sharing your creativity!

Janell Blackmer

Lisa is very, very clever!! Love her cards!

Jenna A

These are SO funny, clever, cute, and well done. I am sending this link to my friend who will just adore these cards too! Edward saving Bella has to be the best one!


Not being a "Twilight" follower I am sure I am not understanding all the nuances but I can really appreciate the imagination and creativity that Lisa has put into these cards.

toni d.

Perfect for my "Twilight" friends!!!


Love your work, Lisa!


Great cards! Love how you used Twilight as your inspiration.

Jennifer F.

Fantastic cards Lisa! Very, very clever!!


clever & cute!

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