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Friday, June 11, 2010



I guessed wrong....maybe next time.

Congrats Lilian!


Lori... buddy what happened? I was pulling for you. Don't you worry, we'll get them next time!

Congrats Lilian.

Lori Barnerr

Yeah Gabriela...we'll get 'em next time! ;) LOL!!! YIPPEE for Lilian!

Lindsay Mazzetta

congrats lilian!!! I guessed wrong too... oh well!! next year for sure!!!

Molly K

That was totally my first guess! should stick with my instincts. Congrats Lilian!


Congratulations Lilian! I think I was just as excited to be holding the prize as you'll be to win it :)

Julie in Edmonds

That was fun. Congrats, Lilian!


congrats Lilian-let us know what goodies you get!! :)


thanks everyone!! i am sooo doing the happy dance right now!! i will definitely let u guys know what the goodies are. :)

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