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Saturday, July 10, 2010



being an October baby, I love Halloween and I can't wait to get these stamps!!!! They are awesome :)

Susie P

I am thrilled to see this Halloween release, everything is spooktacular!!

Julie in Edmonds

Is there such a thing as a Halloween-o-holic? I love Halloween! Great to see what you've done with some of the products (and looking forward to more). :)


What a great Halloween release. I can hardly wait to start making cards!


I do like halloween. Can't wait to see all the stamps.


I am excited about this release.
These are simply the best stamps out there.

Steph in WA

loving all the new stamps! excited to see more!!!

Sandra Garza

Great stamps for Halloween. This years costume party invitation is going to be awesome!!


Love the new jack-o-lantern set! Super fun!!!


What a fun halloween set! Can't wait to get it in my hands!

Jane B.

I am lovin' the Halloween stamps!!!

Melanie T

LOVE the cute pumpkin stamps, I can't wait to see all the new halloween and holiday releases!

Suzie Pad.

I'm Falling in love with all these new Halloween stamps!! The creative juices are starting to bubble!!


Oh, I have money burning a hole in my pocket!!!


These projects are so cute!


Did I read it right..CLING stamps? Oooh, how fun is that? Thanks for the sneak peeks..surely enjoying them! :o)


I love Halloween! And these products are perfect for celebrating this fun festivity!!! Gorgeous stamps, especially the mice!!!


love the new stamps! Those rats are darling?? Is that possible?! LOL


What a great set of supplies! Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday.

Theresa P.

Oh, how I love Halloween! Thanks for the chance to win some great stuff!

Mary Anne K.

Oh rats, wouldn't that make the cutest, creepy border? Eek, Eek!

Anne Barclay

Oh my gosh! I'm going to Jenn Shurkus's Amuse A Palooza class on Thursday and I think I better have my charge card ready to go!!!! Love these Halloween stamps.

Beth Ann

Great stamps. Great ideas...as always! Keep them coming.

sue wisniewski

Eeeeeeek! mice! they are great and self sticking crystals, my favorite embellishments.
stamping sue

Pat Bollinger-Blanc

LOVE these!!!!!!!

Debby Watkins

I am loving all these new stamps!


I love your stamps.

Summer Braxton

i love a cute Halloween, not a scary one. You guys do a perfect CUTE Halloween.

Tobey S.

OH my all this Halloween goodness, have to rob a bank or something to get them all!!!! Well, maybe not rob a bank, but you get the idea!!! LOL!

Erika M

How fun - loving all the wonderful creations!


Love these spook-tastc projects!!! Halloween is one of my favorite!

Connie Heitner

I am also an October baby and love, love, love Halloween! These new stamps are awesome. Can't wait tio get my hands on them!


A Muse never fails with Halloween... another sweetly scary release!


LOVE these new Halloween images; can't wait to get started on some spooky cards!


Love the three mice!!! ;)


Wow loving all the new creations and stamps!! The rats border is too cute...Rats cute???? LOL...

Raquel H

Very cute stamps!:)

Tiffany Heilman

love all that halloween! It is my fav holiday.

Karen M

Such cute cards! Lovin' the Halloween collection. And SO glad that cling stamps are coming our way!


Cute~ Halloween is my favorite holiday!


Oh my gosh more fabulous inspiration! These cards are all simply perfect!!


I love the little skull, I just love fall!


All the Halloween projects are just spooky cute! Thanks for a chance at this sweet giveaway. I make Halloween cards for all the kiddies with a little goodie.


I love Halloween and fall. Great cards and projects.


Oh so cute! Loving the new stamp designs!

Renée W

A Muse never disappoints! What a fun, new release :)


I couldn't get to a "palooza" event...SO fun to see more new goods!!


Loving the typefaces for the new Halloween sentiments and the pumpkin set.


Wooo hoo for Amuseapalooza! I went to a local store in NJ yesterday to do a make & take and stock up on Amuse stamps, then did the pajama party challenges last night.

Thanks for all the fun! I would love to win these stamps - I had them in my hand, but had way too many to purchase, so had to put them back.

Tammy W.

Adorable cards! Thanks for the chance to win!!!


I look at my closet and sign at the number of Amuse stamps I have, can't bear to part with any of them and each new release entices me again!

Ashley Nguyen Newell

These cards are all so fun! I love them!

karen q

I love all the pumpkins,so sweet. The black bling is cool.


Love the new stuff! I agree that skeleton skull rocks!

Sandy F.

The cards are great, thanks for sharing. I especially love the graveyard ones, can't wait to try them out.


love the new skull!

Ann I.

Love these cards!! Thanks for another chance to win!

Susan C.

These are all so cute! =)

Stephanie Jones

OMG! Can't wait for the new release!

Emily F.

these are just WONDERFUL!! I am SO excited to see them in person!

caren weinstein

Also my favorite card-sending occasion. Whooooo loves ya, baby?


By FAR....Amuse has the best Halloween stuff eva!!!!

Corina Syanovitz

so much halloweeny goodness!!!!

Kelly Massman

What CUTE Halloween projects!!


i'm not a huge fan of halloween images (i just don't have a use for them :) ) but, those little mice? too cute!

Denise Bryant

Right up my alley! I love Halloween stuff, and the new designs looks terrific! Pumpkins and ghouls and tombstones.... Thanks for a chance at a great prize!

Gwen P.

Cute ideas...Love it!!

Lee Cockrum

I just love Halloween pumpkins, and these are VERY cute!!


Oh those tiny mice are so cute!!! And the bling!! Thanks for the chance to win =)


Super Cute!


Super stamps and cards. I got the Owl, fox, and couple of sentiments from my LLS this morning. Some of the other stamps like the mice, tree are being back ordered as they sold those out yesterday....

mary d.

You just can't have too many pumpkins!! luv the bling!


I picked up a bunch of the new stamps on Saturday. The mice are so adorable, but didn't make it into my basket. Now i wish I had bought it. Love to make Halloween cards for granddaughters and grand neices and nephews. always use amusestamps!

Mary Sara P.

Love that cute little pumpkin. WICKED fun.

Michel Espey

Love the cards. Especially like the graveyard with the owl in the tree one. So cute.

Nora Anne

Oh, I can't wait to get in to One Little Spark to see the new stamps in person!


I have to say that I love the cards. I think I really love how simple Amuse makes everything! :)

Karen Gauthier

Very cute ideas. I love the jack-o-lanterns


I love surprises, and winning this would be one! Thanks. I'm not ready to get into Halloween yet though.

Jodi R

Love the new stamps! I can't wait to get some of these fun designs.


I'm an October baby so I love Halloween! Great package - I really love those little mice! Thanks for the chance to win!

Su C.

Amuse does it again!! Such super new stamps and I love the cards showcasing them! Can't wait to get some.


Love all the new stamps!!! No surprise - I love everything Amuse!


CUTE stamps!!


OMG, love them!!!

Curt OBrien

How can I get my hands on these?!?! I LOVE them! Gotta have 'em. I went on your store site and couldn't find them. Is this pre-release? These stamps are just awesome! Best, Curt

Sherry L Hoffman

Holloween is my favorite holiday. It's all about fun and the kids and I am sure my nieces will love my their friends cards with these cool stamps Looking forward to
creatin with these stamps myself


Oh Dear Mr Bank Manager, A Muse have just had a new release of stamps so I am sorry that I have so little money in my bank account .....

I have a few more letters to write on similar lines just love all the new stamps :)


Hard to think Halloween when it's 101 here, but they are just so cute!!

Teresa E. :)

What spooktacular stamps! Lovin' them!

Lisa Wakabayashi

Sooooo cute! Amuse, you have certainly outdone yourselves! And thats a tall order!

Nancy W

Hallowe'en is a fun time for the little goblins and witches. They have such fun and a few sweet snacks thrown in. What not to look forward to, every year.

Denise Reynolds

I love the grave yard (Large) stamp. I passed it up at my LLS, but I love the idea of masking off the invitation and making a treat holder. I have to go back to my LLS, I bet there will be others I see along the way to entice me!


Love the new stamps and happy to have the cling option!

Lindsay Mazzetta

OMG!!!! That stamp with the rats is awesome!!!! I love it!! And I love the owl stamp and the hoooot sentiment!! So amazing!!! Love them all!!!!

Alison Z.

cant wait to get the pumpkins and "hello pumpkin" sentiment!

Lori Frost

Love all the ideas!

Julie Tang

Love the skull stamp on the simple favor!

Regina (The Stampin' Bean)

My son was born in October, so I always think of it as a special treat of a month! These are adorable!

Jo Ann

I love those smiley pumpkins!

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