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Monday, July 05, 2010


Sandra Garza

Abbey Road in London


Paul is jamming out on Abbey Road!

Anne Barclay

It has to be London.

Karen Whitney

London...Abbey Road

sue wisniewski

What fun he gets to go to Abbey Road in London.
stamping sue

Debby Watkins

Definitely Abbey Road!


I'm agreeing with the crowd. Abbey Road London.

Lindsay m.

Abbey road in London!!! Yay!!! Gotta love the beatles!!!!! ;)

Ann I.

Love this game!! He's in London on Abbey Road!


Abbey Road in London.

Jo Ann

It's London - Abbey Road

Anouk Martin

I would have to say....Abbey Road in London


Can you guess where Rock star is in my photo?


Michel E

Abbey Road London.

Jessica Davis

In the city of Westminster in London, Abbey Road :)

Jean (naturecoastcrafter)

A "zebra crossing" on Abbey Road, a thoroughfare located in the borough of Camden and the City of Westminster in London

Covering all bases as you can see!


Oh, that Abbey Road (London)


If I get this wrong then I will be shot by the girls at Colorful, it's Abbey Road, London the famous Zebra crossing used on the Beatles Album "Abbey Road".

Carrie C

London, Abbey Road. And Rockstar would fit right in with the Beatles.

Connie Heitner

On Abbey Road in London where you can have your picture taken crossing the road like the Beatles!


Abbey Road in London of course!

Karen M.

Abbey Road in London.


Abbey Road!

Gabriela Duclos

ooh. He is on Abbey Road, London!!!

Raquel H

London, Abbey Road!

Connie Hewitt

Abbey Road in London


Yeah, Rockstar! I guess Boris can't monopolize the spotlight forever ;-)

Abbey Road is a great place to start off the World Tour!!!

Ashley Nguyen Newell

Abbey Road, London


Looks like Abbey Road in London!


abby road, London


Abbey Road, London


Abbey Road!


Abbey Road in London....And look where I saw Rockstar! One of my favorite places!!

DeNel Brister

Abbey Road....in London!


That has to be Abbey Road! the most famous crosswalk in the world...

Kathy Hering

Abbey Road in London.

Princess Judy

Hey, he's a rockin 'n rollin' at Abbey Road in London, England!


He is on Abbey Road, Westminster, London
and dressed to fit in with the locals for the Great Outdoor Show he was spotted in the Stampede City http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/photo/1741871?&cat=500&ppuser=256397


Lisa Wakabayashi

Abbey Rd. the infamouse zebra crossing!


Abbey Road in London

daphne banaga

Abbey Road, London

nancy l.

Oh my, it's Abbey Road, London for sure. LOVE PAUL!!!


Abbey Road in London baby!


It must be Abbey Road!

Steph in WA

Rockstar fits right in on Abbey Road! excited to see where he goes next!!!


Oh, yeah!! Abbey Road ;D


Abbey Road in London


Abbey Road. I'll admit I didn't know this until I saw all the other comments. guess that makes me a "cheater???" ;)

Rachel Hope

Abbey Road!!! Beatles Rock!!!

Tiffany Heilman

Abbey Road in London.

Denise Petro

Abbey Road in London.

cathie r.

Abbey Road, London England possibly by the Abbey Road Recording studios where the Beatles used to record their music.

Tara Liddicoat

He's on Abbey Road!!!

caren weinstein

London for sure. But I don't think it's Abbey Road - looks more like Chiswick to me!


Abbey Road in London!!

Emily F.

Abbey Road! Go Beatles!


Definitely Abbey Road.


Love it! Wish I was with him on Abbey Road in London...

Summer Braxton

Abbey Road, baby!!!!

Lori Frost

Abbey Road in London


Abbey Road, a street in North London, UK.

Erika M

Abbey Road in London, England

Suzie P.

Following the Beetles footsteps crossing "zebra crossing" on Abbey Road in the borough of Camden in the city of Westminster, London.


Abbey Road!! LOVE it!!


London, because Abbey Road is in my head and in my heart!

Tina W.

Abbey Road in London!

Dana Klinkner

How fun that AP is officially starting for 2010- I'm SOOOOO excited - I look forward to this all year long!!!

Rockstar is on Abbey Road in London - so fun! :)


London on Abbey Road

Donna Brown

Abbey Road in London, England.

Tracey A in NH

Rock Star...lucky to visit Abbey Road in London!


Abbey Road, of course!!

Sandy F.

Rockstar is on Abbey Road in London. Too bad that he hasn't seen Paul. Paul is waiting in the Octupus Garden for them all to Come Together so he can say Here Comes the Sun.

Beth Ann

What is "Abbey Road in London," Alex?


That would be Abbey Road in London.

Nancy W

Straight out of the iconic album cover which shows the Beatles on Abbey Road in London!

terri scott - terriavidreader

Abbey Road in England.

Molly K

Abbey Road!! London England outside of Abbey Road Studios.


Abbey road!!!

rose davila

Abbey Road in London, England.


Abbey Road in London England.

Alanna (al_silver2)

Abbey Road (now I have Beatles songs in my head!!)

Susie P

Abbey Road!

jen shears

Abbey Road, London, England! :D


Abbey Road... Such a classic crosswalk!


Abbey Road, London England


He's in London, crossing Abbey Road to get to the studio to record his new album.


Rockin across Abbey Road in London, England.


Abbey Road!!!

Andrea B

Definitely Abbey Road in London, England....


Abbey Road, London!

Regina (The Stampin' Bean)

How fun! Abbey Road is my guess!


He's crossing Abbey Road in London.

Cindi F

Abbey Road, London, England


abbey road


Looks like he's crossing Abbey Rd.

Cathy Green

Abbey Road


Abbey Road

Julie in Edmonds

Rock on - Abbey Road!


Looks like Abbey Road, London, England!

Gail M.

Abbey Road in London, England

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