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Monday, September 27, 2010


Lezlye Lauterbach

shared on FB and Blog...sent email to stamping friends.


I've loved seeing your awesome calendar projects, have sent an email to a friend who has given me a calendar for a Christmas present in the past and posted on twitter (@erininnz)

Erika M

Shared on Facebook

Anne Barclay

Told two friends about the calendar and told them to check out this blog.

Regina M

Let ALL my friends know! So cool!


I have spread the word to everyone I meet and will continue to do so. I am also taking a calendar class at One Little Spark in Tuckerton, NJ and encouraging everyone to join me.


emailed 2 friends that I thought would be interested ----told them to check out your blog!

Kim Howard

I have posted it on FB as well as on the sidebar of my blog. Can't wait to play with the files and create!

Dawn G.

I emailed 3 friends about the calendars and Charley's Fund, and added the link to this site, and said they will want to check out all of the beautiful samples the designers have created! Thanks!

Susie P

just added to my blog and my FB acct! I think this is so great! Also sent email to all my crafty friends:)

Paula Laird

I sent links to two friends in an email and posted it to a discussion on splitcoast! I love these calendars and will be ordering one (or all of them!) hopefully today!


I posted a link on my FB, good luck to everyone.

Tami H

My heart breaks for this family. I've shared a link at Twitter (http://twitter.com/tamihartley) inviting creative friends to check it out. Thanks for doing this! I love supporting companies who reach out and give.

Susan N.

I posted a link on facebook and sent an email to my crafting buddies.

Tobey S.

OH cool, I can do this!!! I posted it on my blog and my Facebook account!


I tell all my crafty friends about the calendar.

Ashley Nguyen Newell

I Tweeted and told a friend on instant messenger.

Caren Weinstein

So excited to start making calendars soon. I posted a link to your site on my linkedin page and I emailed three card-making pals privately. More as I think of my creative friends. Cheers, Caren

Carole (FibreJunky)

I pm'd a friend on Wednesday (hi Ashley!!), told the spousal unit about it, told my mom, told my daughters, pm'd another friend...and then I blogged it.

Valerie G.

I suggested it to some friends on facebook to join your page!

Raquel H

I have told my family and friends about the calenders and cause! I will definitely be getting a calender again this year! :)


I love the calendar ideas you've posted so far and I'm looking forward to more ideas. I sent an email to 3 of my friends that are planning on doing calendar gift projects for Christmas.

Erin H

I love your projects that are posted online and look forward to reading posts everytime one pops into my reader. Wish we had an Amuse store in Illinois. Emailed a couple of friends your links for the calendars!


I posted on my blog and included Charley's cute picture. Such a wonderful thing you guys are doing. God Bless Charley's family.

linda monroe

I posted on facebook and sent an e-mail to my crafting friends. I also just ordered one myself. Can't wait to start playing with stamps and calendars!

Sandra Garza

I told all my crafty and non-crafty friends about these calendars. Maybe it will inspire someone :)


Yes sent an email to stamping friends about the calendar. Love all the ideas that have been posted. I'm looking forward again this year to taking the calendar class at One Little Spark in Tuckerton NJ. Then it will be off to making calendar gifts.

Julie in Edmonds

What a great cause! I already downloaded my calendars (today I hope to play with them!) and I tweeted about them (@atticelf). I hope lots of people listen. Charley sounds like she was such a sweet girl and what a great way to keep her spirit alive and well.

Kathy McDonald

I shared the calendar with my stamping friends this weekend when we got together for a "girls' weekend" in Yakima. They will be ordering their own on Monday! I so look forward to the calendar downloads each year, and I appreciate the good work done with the proceeds. Thanks, Linda, for continuing this worthwhile project.


Count me in! I e-mailed my stamping buddies about them this afternoon and will post soon ... pics of my own finished projects 'cuz I'm ordering today! Thanx for the inspiration and blog candy opp!

Kimberley Jackson-Brown

I sent emails and shared on my FB account!


I posted on my facebook and sent to two of my scrapbook buddies. I could sure use the prize money to support my paper habit. Thanks for the chance.

Michelle Krumsee

I shared the link on Facebook and sent an email out to friends. The story about Charley brought tears to my eyes. I was so touched. I love that you are supporting her fund.


I let my friends & family know!! :)


* through emails and conversation :)

Denise Bryant

I e-mailed the info to two stamping buddies. Love the pages you've shown here.
Great cause... my thoughts are with Charley's family.


shared on my fb and of course I told all my crafty friends... I donate every year.... love the calenders, love the cause.

Suzi P.

While showing some girlfriends how much fun it is to stamp and make cards, I also told them how fun it would be to make calendars!!

Kari Bell

sent an email to my friends and posted it on my blog!


I posted a link on my blog and also told my stamping buddies. I've loved these in the past and look forward to working with a different size this year!

Jane B.

I told my stamping friends to check out the Amuse blog!


I uploaded my calendar to Splitcoaststampers here: http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/photo/1800463?&cat=500&ppuser=128704 and to PaperCraftPlanet here: http://www.papercraftplanet.com/photo/coaster-calendar-1?context=user. I’m also spreading the word to all my stamping friends via email. Thanks! Kim Stewart.


I've told my husband and friends at work. I will be getting the calendar collection.


Posted on my blog here: http://kathatstamps.blogspot.com/2010/09/amuse-calendar-project.html

Shared it with my online mom's group and I'm going to post to Facebook as well.


I ordered the calendar collection, then told my BF and sister about this great charity!

Karen M

I shared this with my crafty friends and placed my order today! I went for the whole collection!

Lillian Clark

I e-mailed my friends, Cheryl, and Judy, about the calendars. They said they were interested. I am getting the whole set.


tweeted about Amuse calendar project.

twitter id:@kreativeimagine.



Thank you for the fabulous giveaway!!!Oh, all the goodies I can buy. keeping my fingers crossed....


I emailed my crafty PTA friends. I just got my calendars emailed to me and am hoping to carve out some crafting time soon. Really enjoyed seeing all the ideas on the blog. Thank y'all for doing this--I hope that yellow swing goes up soon!


Hi...shared in email as I do not have a blog, but tomorrow I will be sharing with a BUNCH of folks at a get together...cant wait!

Celina Herrera

I was touched by Charley's story and shared the Calendar Project with all my friends via email - I will be getting the whole collection.

Linda Lesch

I was excited about the new formats and ordered all of them! I let some of my stamping pals know about them as well!


I gave a shout out to your calendars and the charity on my blog. Here's the link: http://rachaelburdick.blogspot.com/2010/09/2s4y-and-muse-lounge-challenge-20.html


Great idea! I emailed my mom who is new to these types of crafts and my friend. Thanks for all the ideas you put out there!

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