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Monday, January 31, 2011


Karen M

Super Cute!


Basketball without Jordan

1. With one enemy four
Jordan, the celtics ball right bottom three up surrounded. Jordan accelerate breakthrough, center of gravity be unsteady, left hand raised a pinky, a accelerate rushed to the basket, basket right takeoff, Byrd, Jordan gliding jumping to block the to the basket, hook, the ball in. This with one enemy four feat, let big spike - LiXingFen's dancing.
2. Do to see Wilkins
The right 45 degree Angle, the right hand the ball, one hand do shooting feints, eagle defenders stand instability, fall on the ground. Jordan punched out insider, high to head home, in the eagle center head a Slam Dunk. After landing, Jordan mercilessly staring at his old adversary -- "human film essence" dominique Wilkins.
3. Chuck - Daly helpless
In his presence, a line at the same time, passing to scottie pippen, back immediately after the game under the fast break. Scottie pippen man and Jordan, the ball straight to the basket, piston bill laimbeer and Jordan and jumping to block, Jordan air right turn, basket, hands toward his brain after a Yang, ball into. Lens to live the piston name handsome chuck - Daly, he buried her face in her hands.
4. Charles barkley dream breaking
The finals, dribbling rushed into three seconds area, Charles barkley has hands, waiting for him. Jordan to right jump, Charles barkley, Jordan on came upon the whereabouts and fat, the ball "lun" to rebound, the ball into the basket right hit the boards. Along with Jordan hands a fist, is Charles barkley dignation. Dim
5. Byrd ground
The playoffs. Rushed out of the celtics, near the halfway line difficult surrounded by three ball, to the left, suddenly brought two high to head home, air paused, two feet put land, so hard at a green army. After landing, Jordan exciting jump high, langdon. The left side standing in his left the Byrd conveniently fall. Diving? Despair? Byrd himself in the clear.
6. Ewing head dunks
The left bottom line dribble, a double team left over, Jordan into the bottom line breakthrough, suddenly posing, ball left turn right immediately switched to change back again, again turns around. Two doubled-teamed players by a coherent feints got dizzy, only watched the Jordan meet ewing block, PiTou dunks.
7. With one enemy five of 2 + 1
For the blazers, positive three-point line sinotrans ball, "the glider" defense, Jordan suddenly come fill, then a great right turn from behind the amplitude of the dribble, two defenders in the middle, then through meet three people takeoff, Portland, three and basket, Jordan takeoff block better than their "high jump significantly leaning against them," ball "put" into, be born, whistle, 2 + 1.
8. The unthinkable change a hand
For the lakers, the NBA finals high to head home, dunks action has made, "cobra" walter west, Jordan and jumping to block the falling at the same time, the ball will be retrieved, change to the left hand, left hit the boards into basket. The ball is not Jordan I love, but it is one of the most difficult.
9. The last shot amorous feelings
1998 finals, and game 6 last moments. Steals Malone, dribbling up front, the defense his is Russell. Jordan pretended to right breakthrough, Russell defensive follow-up, suddenly, Jordan reduce dribbling height, the ball to change his left hand, Russell center of gravity be unsteady ground and Jordan are dominating the jumper. The last shot amorous feelings, with high flyers right arm.
10. Leap to the free-throw line
Dunk contest. In 1988 line affix note, inciting the crowd sentiment and withdrew into the run-up to the free-throw line, in the backcourt began his "fly" rise, in the clouds, fast walking down the arm, holding back, then in slightly contraction ball landed at the same time body fell into the basket, smooth landing. The bounce of the floating high, the modelling of aestheticism, action of lightness, remote, gliding across the long, breathtaking.

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